"The SOHO International Film Festival embodies the progressive and creative energy of the SoHo District. It was exciting to have my short film The Unforgiving Minute screen there."  -  Octavia Spencer, "Unforgiving Minute"

"What an honor it was to have our films chosen to be a part of The SOHO International Film Festival! The festival schedule was packed with dynamic and insightful interactions with amazing filmmakers and incredible talent. This is not-to-be-missed film fest!" - Kelly Shipe Co-producer/ "The Unforgiving Minute" Actor/ "The Big Prize"

"The SOHO International Film Festival is giving all the other NYC based festivals a run for their money. My experience bringing "That's What She Said" there was consistently positive from start to finish. Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago is a powerhouse. Her hands-on approach, her proffessionalism and her infectious excitement made us feel like we were the only film in the festival, which is truly a gift. The entire staff made us feel welcome and appreciated. The opportunity to screen at the historic Sunshine Cinema was a major highlight of our festival journey." - Carrie Preston, "That's What She Said".

#teamJuntion had an amazing experience at the 2013 SOHO International Film Festival. The festival programmers were so great and our screening sold out so fast, they added another which also sold to a high capacity!! The marketing team for the festival really got the word out about our film! It was fabulous to play at the legendary Sunshine Cinema in NYC, surrounded by a diverse and excited audience, and then, the after parties -- mingling with fellow filmmakers and industry alike -- bonds were made that have already launched more film projects. We love SohoFilmFest and cannot wait to attend again! It was not only a great experience for us, it was a great stepping stone for our film. - Summer Crockett Moore & Tony Glazer "Junction".

"We have just completed a film festival circuit -- screening at nine different festivals. Some were established and large, some catered to a niche and a few were newcomers. We've been impressed by the energy and commitment of organizers at all the festivals, but hands down, when it comes to energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail, the head of the pack is the SOHO International Film festival. I Would highly recommend this festival to any business looking for marketing and sponsorship opportunities, and also to filmmakrs. The SOHO International Film Festival successfully used social media, local media and their own contacts to extensively promote sponsors and films. There was a buzz of excitement about the festival that said, "You are in NYC and this festival is definitely the place to be".  Joni Kimberlin Steele, "Get Real! Wise Women Speak".

"SOHO International Film Festival may be a new festival but it sure shines! From the top quality Quad Cinema to the fabulous organizers and festival heads, it is a really top notch festival and one that everyone is destined to be hearing about. I can't wait to be there next year and emphatically encourage filmmakers to submit their films!" - Sylvia Caminer, "Tanzania: A Friendship Journey".

"It was my great honor to have my directing debut screening at the SOHO International Film Festival. As a first-timer, I needed a lot of help creating a press kit, a trailer for the website, even little things like making a poster (adding the laurels), where to make postcards, sending out an e-blast with a link to buy tickets, posting on Facebook, all of it! Sibyl Santiago was helpful, patient, loving and funny. She and her staff were amazing, professional, thorough, never dropped the ball, always got things done. They are great proponents of women filmmakers and as such were very attractive to me and my women actors. Because of Sohofilmfest's support of women, one of my actors, the great Academy Award winning Octavia Spencer, had a special screening of a short she wrote and directed, "The Unforgiving Minute", and participated in a special Women's Panel afterwards. SohoFilmFest is great in getting out the press and helping build an audience; moreover, supporting the filmmaker in every way. My movie, "The Perfect Fit", won the Audience Award for a short. We were thrilled and I have to say the award is beautiful! SohoFilmFest is a classy, loving, professionally run festival with great networking parties and wonderful attendance. Honestly, my experience was a dream come true!" - Beth Grant, "The Perfect Fit"